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You spoke, we listened… new updates to Market Prices platform

Posted on: 3rd May, 2024

We continue to be encouraged by the uptake and feedback since the launch of the new Market Prices platform at the start of the year.

While overall the feedback has been extremely positive, and the enhanced features welcomed, we realise that as with any new platform, there is always a little uncertainty.

That is why it has always been our intention to continue to develop and streamline the platform, and we have encouraged you, our market customers, to play a key part in that process.

New Developments

The platform is under constant development, and in response to your feedback, we have already introduced three key new updates to the platform

  • We have increased the frequency of updates on the Daily Prices plan. There are now two updates, at 12 noon and 8pm daily.
  • We have introduced a new ‘view by day of the week’ feature, whereby you can select a day of the week, and a list of all markets with a sale on that selected day will be displayed.
  • We have added new categories, with calf prices now for ages up to three months.

These updates, along with other additions, have all been based on your on-going feedback, and we will continue to develop the platform accordingly.

Free access to Daily Prices

One of our main early challenges has been to make sure you are signing up for the services you are entitled to. As a regular mart customer, that means entirely free access to the Daily Prices subscription plan.

Anyone who buys or sells regularly in one of LAA’s member markets is entitled to the Daily Prices plan free of charge, by simply providing your unique livestock market account number, usually found on your local mart sales invoice or statement.

From here you will have access to daily updates on store and finished livestock, with the option to view prices by day of the week, by individual livestock markets, and to monitor regional and national trends.

If you had signed up automatically to the Weekly Prices plan, you can very simply upgrade. We have also simplified the sign-up process to direct regular market users to the Daily Prices plan. 

So, keep your comments coming, and together we will develop the service as part of our on-going drive to bring people, auction markets and prices together in one live hub.