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Fairness from ring to report - Your choice for a fair price

Posted on: 30th May, 2024

When we released the latest throughput figures for 2023 earlier this month, we were delighted to see that you have once again voted with your feet, and demonstrated that the live auction system is your choice for a fair price.

With more numbers forward in most sales categories, despite reductions in national breeding herds and flocks, we also saw a rise of nearly £115 million turnover on the year, up to more than £2.2 billion across England and Wales. 

This demonstrates the significant rise in values you are achieving, for your livestock, at the live auction market.

Regardless of the size of your operation, the competitive ringside provides a trusted method of buying and selling, for all types of livestock, that is reflective of supply and demand.

So, while Defra livestock population figures saw a decrease in total numbers of cattle and sheep across the UK, we still saw numbers forward remaining consistent and encouraging across most categories.

Prices achieved

The true story, however, has been in the prices achieved through our independent auctioneers.

The value of store and breeding sheep rocketed in 2023, with a 12% increase in store sheep in England and 10% rise in value year on year for breeding sheep in Wales.

Store cattle prices rose 8% in England and 10% on the year in Wales, while prime cattle saw an 11% upturn in England, equating to an extra £177 per head. 

Dairy cattle prices followed a similar trend, up 13% in England and 7% in Wales, or an extra £176 or £84 respectively.

Your choice for a fair price

When we see the numbers forward in the market, and the value being so high, and on the increase, it truly shows the strength of using the live sales ring, against other systems.

While demand and supply will always be the main driver for livestock values, these numbers demonstrate that the live auction ring is your choice for a fair price.

Market Prices platform

And now, with our new Market Prices platform in place, you can make even more informed decisions on when and what to market, by scrutinising markets, tracking live daily updates and gaining better market insights.

There has never been a better time to take advantage of the benefits of the competitive and transparent live auction system to help you achieve a fair price for your livestock.

As we continue to bring people, auction markets and prices together in one live hub, these numbers speak for themselves…